Purchasing Your Home

Any major purchase requires research, careful analysis, consideration, and thought. Home buying isn't any different! Determining the right location, the number of bedrooms or bathrooms needed, and outdoor space is the easier things. However, there are many other factors to think about in your home search. From your initial search to the moment you get the keys to your new home, I will be there, guiding you through the process. I can even help connect you with mortgage professionals to get the best rates. 

As an area expert, I can help educate you on the different neighborhoods, schools, and other local community amenities that suit your lifestyle. 

Home Buying Can Be Easy
As your buying agent, I can help streamline the process of buying a home and make it easier for you. I’ve aligned myself with the top professionals in the industry, and once an offer has been accepted, I will personally help facilitate the process to close on the home. By working closely with mortgage brokers, title and escrow companies, home inspectors, and home warranty companies I will provide you with the best service possible!

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Our Steps to the Ultimate Homebuying Experience

Step 1: Getting Started!

We hope that you are just as excited as we are that you made your way to SanDiegoHomeSellers.com to begin your home buying adventure! Whether you are a first-time home buyer or have purchased a home previously, we would like to pass along to you that at the core of our business philosophy is to always put our clients first, to keep stress at a minimum, and for the process to be fun!  Purchasing a home doesn’t have to be a stressful life event. On the contrary, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a real estate experience that is quite the opposite. 


Your journey begins here with what we’re sure you will find is the fastest, most complete home search tool available in San Diego County.  SanDiegoHomeSellers.com leverages the very same Multiple Listing Service that top industry professionals use daily to service their clients.  Sign up, take a look around, and remember we’re ready for your questions anywhere along the way.  Click our chat box anytime, email us or call to take your home search to the next step.  You’ll be happy you did!


Step 2: Professional Homebuying Consultation

There’s an old saying that “luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”  We will venture to guess that by now you’ve probably heard a horror story or two from friends or relatives about how they “survived” a lackluster real estate experience.  Perhaps you’ve even met someone that has expressed that they weren’t too “lucky” when trying to get their offer accepted in a competitive buyers’ market and ultimately missed out on the perfect home.  What you’ll find if you take a quick peek at our testimonial page, is a wide variety of homebuyers from all walks of life and with one thing in common; they were all equally excited when we handed them the keys to their dream home after an amazing homebuying experience.  You may ask how we’re able to consistently provide these types of results and the answer is simple; our clients are the best prepared homebuyers in the San Diego marketplace. 


Our experienced team of professionals will take you from start to finish in superstar style with communication and step-by-step preparation leading the way to an enjoyable, educational homebuying experience. It all starts with an initial consult where we learn about your homebuying wish list, get to know what your needs and concerns are, and discuss how we’ll get you to the finish line ahead of the competition.  Simply get in touch with us today for a no-obligation consultation at your place our ours or casually over coffee in your neighborhood.  It’s really that simple to get started!


Step 3: Lending, Credit and Budget

The foundation to success in the real estate homebuying arena is to have solid lending behind you when you write an offer.  Equally important is to intimately know your numbers so that you are prepared to make timely, well-informed decisions when the perfect home opportunity presents itself.  These days there are so many lending options advertised through all sorts of media that it’s hard to know where to begin.  At SanDiegoHomeSellers.com we provide our valued clients with a vast network of lenders experienced with the unique requirements of purchase transactions.  The escrow process brings with it truncated timetables, contractual deadlines, and an urgency non-existent in your typical refinance transaction.  It’s important to know that when opening a real estate escrow there’s no “reset” button for your lending package.  It’s imperative to be prepared, with seasoned mortgage experts crafting your lending solution well in advance.  Don’t worry, we’ll guide you successfully through the process as we have for all of our valued clients.


We’ll help you find the right lender, who in turn will collaborate with you to provide a lending solution that works for your specific financial circumstances.  From there, you’ll go through the pre-approval process where you will receive an actual loan commitment in anticipation of beginning your home search. This very important step in the process is concluded with a face-to-face consult with your loan officer and realtor present to finalize your pricing parameters, establish a budget, and cover the fine points of the process.  Additionally, many of our lenders offer credit repair and we also have a large network of tax professionals at the ready to help you determine the tax benefit of your new home. The end result is that you’ll walk away from this step of the process completely prepared to begin your home search and with the peace of mind that your offer will be competitively presented at the highest level in any market.   


Step 4: Your Property Search and Writing Offers!

This is where preparation meets opportunity. Armed with your lending solution at the ready, you can now work with your agent to find the perfect home.  Our real-time connection to the local MLS will help you and your agent stay one step of the competition throughout your home search.  SanDiegoHomeSellers.com will provide up to the minute real-time listing information directly from the local Multiple Listing Service with no delays and with 100% accurate information to drive your search.  We’ll work with you step-by-step to answer questions and give you in depth market insight to illuminate the proper inventory in the neighborhoods of your choosing.  


Once we’ve worked with you to identify potential candidates for your new home purchase, we will aggressively present your offers and negotiate on your behalf.  Every transaction presents a different dynamic when it comes to writing offers, potential escrow periods and seller motivation.  Rest assured, we will leverage our many years of experience to package the perfect offer for your potential new home purchase and present it at the highest level to prospective sellers until we ultimately secure the perfect property and open escrow!


Step 5: The Investigation and Escrow Process

Escrow is an exciting time as you make your way one step closer to home ownership. Our role is to work with all the players involved in your transaction ensuring you sail smoothly through the escrow process to a successful closing.  Property condition is investigated during escrow by a home inspector where major systems such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, central heating and even foundation are evaluated.  We’ll help guide you through the complex investigation process and negotiate repairs; a seller credit or even a price reduction in some cases.  Our ultimate goal is to keep the escrow process and investigations on track and as stress free as possible while advising you along the way.


Your agent will work in concert with escrow providers, your lender, inspectors and the seller’s agent to move your transaction step-by-step to a successful closing.  Every detail from your appraisal, loan underwriting, negotiating repairs, inspections and finalizing closing details will be orchestrated to your satisfaction.  It is our mission to keep communication at the forefront of the escrow process with daily updates and plenty of guidance so you can make well informed decisions right up to the moment when we hand you the keys to your new home!


Step 6: Closing on Your New Home!

Congratulations are in order at this stage of the process!  Our dedicated SanDiegoHomeSellers.com team will professionally deliver your home complete with our talented staff photographers present to capture the moment.  Every transaction culminates with your agent assisting with the transition into your new home.  Recommendations for insurance providers, coordination of establishing utility services and move-in details are all within the realm of our expertise.  For our clients seeking the ultimate fixer-upper or brave enough to take on a complete remodel project, we have a well-vetted network of general contractors and vendors at the ready to help you bring your vision to fruition.  When the dust is settled and you’re ready to share your new home with friends, we’ve even been known to help throw a housewarming party or two!  Enjoy the moment and remember we’re here long after the transaction concludes to offer our expertise.


Thank you!  

On behalf of our dedicated team of professionals at SanDiegoHomeSellers.com we’d like to thank you for stopping by to check us out.  Remember we’re committed to take you from the very beginnings of the process when you’re just “thinking” about the possibility of home ownership all the way through to popping your favorite bottle of celebratory champagne at your housewarming party with family and friends.  Please connect with us to field any questions you may have along the way and thank you in advance for considering us to guide you through the ultimate homebuying experience.